Catch these bands on Day 2 (Feb 1) of Bluelapalooza at Paralaya, the ASHS fair!

January 31, 2020
ASHS FairComm

Bluelapalooza has a day two, and it’s not slowing down!

Come over to the SPEv Stage on February 1(Saturday), and catch these talents play:
CULT PINK - 11:05-11:20AM
ONYX - 11:25-11:40AM
OD - 11:45AM-12NN
SOUNDS LIKE HER - 12:25-12:40PM

Come to both days and get the chance to win canvas pouches, eco-bags, Starbucks tumblers, bamboo toothbrushes, and many many more!
Join the fight for sustainability at Bluelapalooza, and let the blues bring back the green. See you there!