Enjoy the ASHS Fair 'Paralaya' on Jan 31 & Feb 1, 2020

January 31, 2020

Paralaya: A Hero's Voyage, the Senior High School fair, will be held on January 31 (Friday) to February 1 Saturday), at the ASHS Athletic Field.

Enjoy two days of booths, rides, inflatables, mini-events, and the YUGTO music festival on both nights of the fair, featuring Itchyworms, Munimuni, Lola Amour, The Ransom Collective, Ben & Ben, and many more.

Be a hero by putting these simple rules and regulations into practice. Let us remember to play fair this coming fair by observing the following:

Here are the talented student bands that will wow the crowd on both days of the much-awaited Yugto!
The Group, Sunday Stallone, and Standstill will make your Friday night worthwhile, and Banana Ketchup, Why July, and Gunita will serenade the second day crowd. Don't miss them!"

Proceeds of the fair will go to the Tulong Dunong Program.


“Paralaya” pertains to the act of “going upstream”. As citizens of a country drowning in a multitude of issues and tribulations, let us, the future of our society, embark on a journey to tackle the perils of tomorrow as the heroes of today. Amidst all adversity, let us stand our ground and fight against injustice and indifference.

Take a stand.
Counter the current.
Be a hero.

1.31.20 and 2.1.20