January 13, 2022
Office of Admission and Scholarships

For all applicants with accounts in our admission system:  we are extending the deadline for the completion of the different steps in the application process.  This is in recognition of the effects of the COVID-19 surge on our applicants, their families, the school personnel who process their documents, as well as Ateneo personnel involved in the reviewing and processing of applications.
New deadlines:
JANUARY 18, 2022:  Deadline for payment of the application fee. 
JANUARY 26, 2022:  Deadline for completing all the other steps in the process: DRAFT > FOR REVIEW > (RETURN-TO-APPLICANT) > FOR RECOMMENDATION > FOR PROCESSING
FEBRUARY 4, 2022:  Deadline for submitting Financial Aid applications.
FEBRUARY 18, 2022: Deadline for uploading the Grade 10 first grading period grades.
*Note:  The admission portal is already closed and will no longer accept entirely new applications.  The extended deadlines are meant to accommodate those who already created accounts in the system before our December 14, 2021 deadline.
For applicants who have already begun but have not completed the process, please check the status of your application in the admission system.  The following reminders and instructions may answer some of the questions you may have regarding the completion of each step:
FOR PAYMENT Stage:  After you have paid, it is important to upload the proof of payment in the admission system as well as in this google form (https://forms.gle/bGmgcHt4BE1oRFFBA) which helps us to trace your payment. Note that payments take 3-5 working days to process (excluding weekends and holidays).  After this processing time, your account will be moved to the “draft” stage.

DRAFT Stage: Please fill up your application form carefully and completely. Don’t forget to click the SUBMIT button at the end, otherwise your application will not move forward.  At this point, you may already submit your form even if your recommenders have not yet submitted their recommendations and if you have not yet obtained a copy of your Grade 10 first GP report card.  Only you can move your application forward when it is in this stage.

FOR REVIEW Stage:  Pls wait for the ASHS checkers to review the completeness of your application form.  The reviewers will either return your form with comments or move it to the “Recommendation” stage.

RETURN TO APPLICANT Stage:  Kindly check the comments of the ASHS checkers in the message panel and make the necessary changes in your application form. After you do so, please re-submit your form.  Only you can move your application forward when it is in this stage.

FOR RECOMMENDATION Stage:  At this point, if your recommenders have not yet submitted their recommendations, please follow these up.  The system automatically sends a request for recommendation to the email addresses of your recommenders.  Check if the email addresses that you entered are correct.  Ask your recommenders if they received the request in their email account or Spam mail.  Advise your recommenders to use a computer (not a phone) with Google Chrome as the browser when they access and answer the recommendation form.  (Problems occur when recommenders use a different device or browser.)  You can only check the status of your recommendations, but you will not be able to view the recommendation forms filled up by your teachers, counselors or school administrators.

FOR PROCESSING Stage: Two things are required of you at this stage:
(1) Please click on the nearest available batch processing schedule.  This is a necessary step in the process flow of the admission system.  If you have not clicked on a processing schedule yet, please do so.  You don’t have to do anything on the processing date.  There will be no exam. 
(2) If you have not yet uploaded your Gr 10 first GP grade report, please do so once this is available. Log into your Ateneo application account. On the left panel, click "Follow Up Requirements" and upload your Gr 10 grades.  If your school has a non-numerical grading system, please upload the numerical equivalents or the explanation of the numerical equivalent ranges for each letter/descriptive mark in the same file as your Gr 10 grade report.

After these two steps, the application process is COMPLETE.  There is nothing more that the applicant needs to do. 

Applicants need not worry about the movement of their form beyond the processing stage. From this point onward, the movement of applications to the next stages is controlled by the ASHS-OAS.  Movement to the “For Deliberation” and “For Releasing of Result” stages will only take place in April 2022 shortly before the release of the admission decisions. 

Applicants may download a step-by-step guide to each step of the application process from the bottom of this page: http://www.ateneo.edu/senior-high-school/news/online-application-requirements-and-procedure-grade-11-2022-2023.
ADMISSION DECISIONS will be released at the end of April 2022.  The exact date of release will be announced later.  Each applicant will only be able to view the decision on his/her application through his/her application account.
We pray for the health and safety of our applicants and their families, and the recovery of all who are sick.
Ateneo de Manila Senior High School Office of Admission and Scholarships