Hi-Lites+ is 3rd Overall Champion of DSSPC

August 17, 2017
Jacinta Pascual; Photos by Enzo Pisig and Jean Romano

Hi-lites+ placed 3rd over-all in the District 3 Secondary Schools Press Conference
Last August 12, 2017, delegates from Hi-Lites+, the official student publication of the Ateneo Senior High School, were sent to the District 3 Secondary Schools Press Conference (DSSPC) for the first time, which was held at Juan Sumulong High School, Cubao. DSSPC is the first step towards the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC), the most prestigious competition for campus journalism in both public and private schools in the elementary and high school level in the Philippines.
The Press Conference is divided into two contests, individual and collaborative, where students compete in different categories which include News Writing, Features Writing, Sports Writing, Editorial Writing, Editorial Cartooning, Copyreading and Headlining, Photojournalism, Radio and TV Broadcasting, and Collaborative Desktop Publishing, in both English and Filipino.
Qualifying for the NSPC starts with the Division level where the top 10 winners of each category qualify for the next level, Regionals, where they pick the top 3 who will proceed to the National Level.
The young journalists of Hi-Lites+ placed in every category in the District Press Conference, an impressive feat considering it was the first contest for most of the team's members.
Hi-Lites+ will move on to compete in the 2017 Division Schools Press Conference, which will be held from September 5-7, 2017, at the San Francisco High School in Quezon City. They will be pitted against other campus journalists from Quezon City and will aim to qualify for the regionals next month.
Below are the awards and corresponding winners:
●     4th Place (News, English): Jacinta Pascual, 12-Carvalho
●     7th Place (News, Filipino): Angelo Naorbe, 11-Hurtado
●     1st Place (Features, English): Keziah Pasion, 12-Carvalho
●     4th Place (Features, English): Beatriz Reyes, 11-Ogilvie
●     3rd Place (Photojourn, English): Clarisse Cabinta, 11-Nakaura
●     5th Place (Photojourn, English): Matthew Varona, 11-Hurtado
●     3rd Place (Photojourn, Filipino): Clea Seares, 11-Gonzaga
●     7th Place (Photojourn, Filipino): Jim Dasal, 12-Holland
●     9th Place (Cartooning, English): Lilac Fameronag, 11-Nakaura
●     3rd Place (Editorial, English): Gamby Bautista, 12-Sullivan
●     5th Place (Editorial, English): Denise So, 11-Perez
●     3rd Place (Editorial, Filipino): Ryan Oquiza, 11-Mayer
●     3rd Place (Science, English): Florydayne Capio, 12-Sullivan
●     9th Place (Science, English): Jean Romano, 12-Sullivan
●     4th Place (Sports, English): Dom Aumentado, 11-Nakaura
●     3rd Place (Copyreading, English): Nicole Tong, 11-Realino
●     4th Place (Copyreading, English): Liana Apostol, 11-Hurtado
●     4th Place (Copyreading, Filipino): Jeanill Migraso, 12-Sullivan
●     8th Place (Copyreading, Filipino): Hanns Cruz, 12-Pantalia
Team: Tricia Alcantara (11-Nakaura), Dom Aumentado (11-Nakaura), Matthew Varona (11-Hurtado), Gamby Bautista (12-Sullivan), Jean Romano (12-Sullivan), Jamila Domingo (12-Bobola), Raymart Santamaria (12-Holland)
●     Best News Page
●     Best Editorial Page
●     Best Features Page
●     Best Layout Page
●     2nd Best Sports Page
●     1st place in Collaborative Desktop Publishing
●     1st place Overall Winner in English Medium
●     3rd Place Overall Winner of the DSSPC

Hi-lites+ placed 3rd over-all in the District 3 Secondary Schools Press Conference