Lakambini promotes gender equality and female empowerment

January 08, 2018
Lakambini Committee

The Lakambini freedomboardThe Lakambini Committee is one of the committees under the Sandigan, the culture-building arm of the ASHS Sanggunian. Lakambini was formed by a group of concerned students who saw the need to engage the Ateneo de Manila Senior High community in issues related to gender equality and women empowerment.  

As part of its mission to promote the said advocacies, the committee has made available various platforms for the student population to share their experiences and concerns related to gender inequality, and provide encouragement and support for one another. It also identified key students from each strand to serve as possible “go-to persons” of students in matters related to sexual harassment or other forms of gender-related abuses.  

Aside from offering a helping hand to students who are in need, the committee is also working hard to educate the community about women and gender issues. During the Ateneo de Manila High School fair, the committee put up a booth that sold merchandises promoting women empowerment and gender equality. Lakambini also teamed up with Pugad for “EqualiTEA”, an open mic that tackled issues related to the committee’s advocacies. Talks and other awareness activities are also lined up for the last for the first quarter of 2018.