Memo from ASHS Principal Re: Adjusted Schedule for Jan. 10 - 14, 2022

January 07, 2022
Noel P Miranda

7 January 2022


Dear Parents and Students, 

Peace! Because of the rising number of COVID cases affecting our students, teachers, staff, and their families, we have decided to adjust the academic load for the coming week to provide students, teachers, and staff some opportunity to attend to their personal COVID-related concerns and also ensure the continuation of learning during this time. 

As such, we shall have the following schedule next week:

To find out more about the context of our students and their families, the OSA-Sanggu will be conducting constituency checks. We hope for your full cooperation in responding to the constituency checks. The data gathered from these efforts will help us understand better the needs and concerns of our community members and guide our future decisions.

We pray that you stay safe and well during this time. 



(Sgd) Noel P Miranda

Approved by:

(Sgd) Jaime Jose G Nicdao, Ph.D.
OIC Vice-President for Basic Education