Memo from the ASHS Principal Re: Health Break from Jan. 12-18, 2022

January 11, 2022
Noel P Miranda

11 January 2022

Dear Parents and Students, 
Peace. Based on the recent constituency checks conducted by the Sanggunian and the surveys and informal checks by the SHS Health Services team, we determined that the number of members of our community who are directly or indirectly affected by the current surge is increasing. Whether testing positive or manifesting symptoms of COVID-19, or caring for their sick, the current situation clearly has affected them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Given this context, the SHS will implement a health break from January 12 to 18, with regular classes resuming on January 19. During the health break, there will be no online classes, whether synchronous or asynchronous. We are hoping to give students and teachers and their families  the needed time to rest, heal and recover, and attend to their household concerns arising from the current surge of cases. There will be no submissions, no class work, and no co-curricular activities during this time. Offices will remain open during these days.
The Online Retreat of the Sanggu will push through on January 14. 
The school-wide Mass originally slated for January 14 will be postponed to January 19. The link for this January 19 Mass will be posted in the Homeroom Google Classrooms by Class Moderators. We hope that we can gather together as a community to pray for healing and hope amidst our current situation. 
To provide teachers and students adequate teaching-learning time, the school will adjust the school calendar as needed. Updates will be made in the coming weeks on these schedule adjustments. 
We hope that you can take this time to rest and get well. Together with the entire Senior High School community, we pray for your continued safety, healing, and wellness at this time. 
(Sgd) Noel P Miranda

Approved by:

(Sgd) Jaime Jose G Nicdao, Ph.D.
OIC Vice-President for Basic Education