Pamatmat & Vitug win Ateneo its 5th IDeA Lite title in 6 years; Masagca is first ASHS co-ed to win best speaker award!

September 05, 2016

Dominic Pamatmat (left) of 11-Hoyos & Mikko Vitug (right) of 11-Pongracz Comprised of Ateneo Senior High School (ASHS) students Dominic Pamatmat (11-Hoyos) and Mikko Vitug (11-Pongracz), Team ASHS C won the grand final of the Interscholastic Debaters Association (IDeA) Lite Invitational Tournament in the afternoon of September 4, 2016. ASHS C’s win marks the fifth time since 2011 that an Ateneo team has won IDeA Lite, a tournament for novices. In addition to being part of the champion pair, Mikko Vitug was also named Best Speaker of the Finals. Making history at IDeA Lite was Nicole Masagca (11-Chabanel) of ASHS A, who was named  as the competition’s Overall Best Speaker. Beating 109 other competitors, Masagca became the first ever ASHS co-ed to win the top individual award at a major debate tilt. Other Ateneans who made the roster of IDeA Lite’s Top Ten were ASHS’ Von Carolino of 11-Hurtado  as 2nd Best Speaker, Ateneo Junior High School’s Gabe Apostol of 10-Mayer as 4th Best Speaker, and ASHS’ Pamatmat as 8th Best Speaker. Nicole Masagca of 11-Chabanel
ASHS C won the title on a 4-1 split on the motion, “This house believes that Disney should make a Disney Princess with multiple lovers rather than a one true love.” The runners up were ASHS B, comprised of Francis Dominguez (11-Regis) and John Guban, and Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS A), which consisted of Gabe Apostol (10-Mayer) and Benj Dy Quiangco (10-Mayer).

 Von Carolino (11-Hurtado)
ASHS A—comprised of Nicole Masagca (11-Chabanel) and Von Carolino (11-Hurtado)—delivered a strong performance as well. They broke as the highest and only undefeated team after the preliminary rounds with a perfect 9 points, and reached the Semifinals of the tournament. ASHS D, consisting of Tofelle Jipos (11-Berchmans) and Ella Torno (11-Berchmans), and ASHS E, comprised of Claire Venzon (11-Hoyos) and Janica Ano (11-Goto) reached the pre-quarterfinal stage of the tournament. This rounded out a complete ASHS Contingent Break—the only institution in IDeA to have all five of its teams advance to the elimination rounds.
The Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS) Debaters put up a very strong team performance as well. AJHS D, comprised of Matthew Varona (10-Mayer) & Ram Orfanel (9-Geronimo), reached the semifinals of the competition. AJHS B, comprised of Yuan Ordones (10-Pignatelli) & Javy Pineda (10-Owens) reached the Quarterfinals stage. AJHS C, comprised of Carlo Pastor (10-Mayer) & Johann Claveria (10-Mayer), earned enough team points to break and put in a strong team performance, but unfortunately did not qualify for the elimination rounds. Finally, AJHS E, comprised of the tournament’s youngest contestants David Bejarin (7-Bobola) & Gareth De Leon (8-Favre), put in a strong performance in the competition and posted an impressive 3 points at the end of the preliminary rounds.
In total, Ateneo High School broke a record 8 out of 10 teams in the invitational, the highest number of any institution in IDeA history. This is largely due to the fact that ASHS and AJHS have been recognized by IDeA as unique and distinct institutions with different contingents.
The ASHS Debaters are moderated by Mrs. Fe U. De Jesus, and coached by Miguel Ventura, Henry Fernando, and Mahar Mangahas. The AJHS Debaters are moderated by Mr. Joel Falgui, and are coached by Tres Yap, and assistants Mon Asuncion and Josiah Encinas. The team would like to recognize AHS Debater and Alumnus Derrick Ampil for adjudicating for the team during the competition.
The debaters are thankful for the opportunity to represent the school amidst several reforms and changes. They are also thankful that they were able to compete at an excellent level and remain consistently as an elite institution in Philippine Debating. In particular, the team extends its gratitude to Dr. Carmela Oracion, Mrs. Jennifer Concepcion, Mr. Noel Miranda, Ms. Kristine Valdellon, and Mr. Ronan Capinding for their support for the team’s activities.
The debaters continue to train for upcoming competitions as the year progresses.