Querencia...the grad ball of AHS' last all-boys batch

March 29, 2017
Frans Regala (11-Hoyos); Photos by Bok Pioquid

The Ateneo de Manila Senior High School (ASHS) seniors celebrated the Graduation Ball, Querencia with the theme “Come Back Home,” last Saturday, March 25th at the AHS Covered Courts. The program proper lasted from 6 pm to 11pm.  

After attendees had registered at their assigned tables in the former Fourth Year Promenade, they were ushered to the covered courts where their tables were arranged by class. At 6:30, the opening spiel commenced through a video teaser prepared by the Ball Committee, spearheaded by Mr. Ian Ganhinhin and Mrs. Inez Crisostomo, who served as the committee’s moderators.  Shortly after which, Dr. Carmela Oracion, principal of the ASHS, gave her opening remarks. In her speech, she emphasized how special Batch 2017 was, being the last batch of all-male graduates from the old Ateneo High School and likewise, the first batch of graduates from the Ateneo Senior High School.

Following the introduction was the opening spiel given by the hosts, Roxanne Montealegre and GM Hernandez, as well as the Opening Prayer, which was led by Sanggu-SHS Chairman Benjo Camba.

During the dinner, the program flow followed an alternation between performances and a showcase of videos prepared by each class. Performances included a showcase of talents from Batch 2017, including GRAND, Mondays at 4, Cottonmouth, and 4 You, after which representatives from most of the Grade 12 classes performed in the cotillion. To wrap up the first batch of performances, the seniors of IndAK performed a nostalgic dance routine, dancing to Noel Cabangon’s “Kanlungan” while dressed in their school uniforms.
After the first wave of performances, the program moved on to the awarding portion. Winners included Suki Niwata of 12M and Jane de Leon for Best Dressed Male and Female, respectively, and Marco Ricafort of 12N for Stag of the Night.
Awards celebrating the virtues exemplified by popular alumni were also given. First was the Edgar Jopson Award, which celebrated the leader in the batch. The award went to Benjo Camba of 12A, who had served as the student council chairman. Next, the Juan Luna Award for batch artist was given to Bong Gonzales of 12K, who represented the school and brought honor to it through his participation in various  competitions. The Jose Lacaba Award, which celebrated the person in the batch who worked behind the scenes in different student committees, was then awarded to Koi Calleja of 12B. Next was the Illac Diaz Award, which honored the student who served as the friendliest and most outgoing person in the batch. It was given to Zolo Ligot of 12C.
One of the main awards, the Batch’s Choice Award, was then awarded to Karlos Dawang, the nominee of 12A. Finally, Brian Cutaran of 12-A and his date Gabby Agbayani took home the coveted Pareja de la Noche (Couple of the Night) Award. The pair then proceeded to the dance floor for their first dance. 

 Brian Cutaran (right) of 12-A and his date Gabby Agbayani took home the coveted Pareja de la Noche (Couple of the Night) award
Soon after, Ball Head Luis Borja gave his closing remarks. This was followed by a surprise video, which featured teachers and staff reciting a goodbye poem to Batch 2017. Then, Mike Shimamoto, Choco na Gatas, Dos Amigos, and J-Coasta took over the stage as couples took to the dance floor and grooved the night away.

The same-day edit was then shown on the big screens, recapping Querencia’s activities. The event wrapped up with Batch 2017’s own DJ, Joaquin de Jesus, managing the rave portion.
In the end, Querencia definitely served its purpose of serving as a culminating event for the graduating batch. More than fun, the night was emotional due to the numerous surprise videos and heartwarming performances.