Research paper of ASHS students published in Japanese physics journal

October 16, 2019
Erwine Dela Paz

Shawnn Nadurata and Stephanie Dela MercedSeeing the reality of potential arsenic poisoning in rural areas, a group of Ateneo SHS students thought of a way to detect the presence of this element in deep well water using zeolite. Last September 2019, ASHS students Shawnn Nadurata and Stephanie Dela Merced from the STEM strand were able to successfully publish their research entitled, "Surface functionalized Philippine natural zeolite for arsenic adsorption in an aqueous solution" in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, a peer reviewed international journal outlet. The students began this research work when they were in grade 11 through the guidance of their research teacher, Mr. Erwine S. Dela Paz and parent scientist, Ms. Eleonor Olegario.
Nadurata and Dela Merced, who graduated from ASHS in March 2019, were given recognition certificates during their courtesy call with school administrators Mrs. Maria Victoria Dimalanta and Mr. Luis Melosantos last October 15, 2019. Also present during the courtesy call were members of the Research Subject Area.     

(L-R) Ruby Jane Navarro, Kristine Santiago, Luis Melosantos, Ma. Victoria Dimalanta, Shawnn Audric Nadurata, Stephanie Anne Dela Merced, and Erwine Dela Paz