The State of the Sanggu-SHS in SY 2017-2018

March 22, 2018

As the Sanggu-SHS undergoes a transition period into the terms of the elected officers for the next school year, we look back to the accomplishments of the Sanggu-SHS in the past school year that were made possible by the strong support of the student body and the entire SHS community.
Increasing Student Inclusiveness and Involvement
1. Launch of the Sanggu school year theme: “Atenista, TAYO!,” and “Senior High, Strong”
Highlighting the goal of increased student involvement and inclusiveness, the Sanggu launched the “Atenista, TAYO!” and “Senior High, Strong” campaigns at the start of the school year. As a branding identity, all activities and programs under the Sanggu-SHS utilized the themes and accompanying hashtags for these campaigns, namely, #AtensitaTAYO! and #SeniorHighStrong.
2. Senior High Orientation Seminar
From June 8 to 9, 2017 the new students of the Ateneo Senior High School coming from various parts of the country took part in the annual SHOrSem entitled “Layag.” Through the different activities prepared, they were introduced to Atenean culture while being acquainted with their new sets of classmates.
3. Org and Sports Club Recruitment Week
This year, changes were introduced to the format of the Recruitment Week rendering it more streamlined and comprehensive. As a result, its atmosphere was very alive while the orgs promoted themselves in various ways. The students also roamed around the different booths while acquainting themselves with their prospective orgs.
4. 2017 Duffy Delaney Day: Dahil Sa’Yo
Last October 9, 2017, the D3 or Teacher’s Day program took place in the Covered Courts. The ACO gathered palancas from the students for the teachers and staff of the ASHS. These efforts were the students’ unique way of showing gratitude and appreciation for our beloved faculty and staff. With a program culminating in a song and dance number wherein ACO representatives gave these palancas to the teachers and staff, the D3 program was well received.
5. 22nd Annual AHS Fair: BANYUHAY, Ang Bagong Anyo ng Buhay
Banyuhay, held last December 7 to 9, was the 22nd annual Ateneo High School Fair. The AHS grounds were opened to the public, showcasing a plethora of booths and events including the Junior High School's Bingo Bonanza and the Senior High School's fashion show Ibayu. Over the course of three days, the fair raised P3.07M in gross and all proceeds were dedicated to the school's partner institutions.
6. Annual Sportsfest
​Being a long-established tradition within the Ateneo, the Sportsfest comprises Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Tug of War, and Ultimate Frisbee. This year, new sporting events such as the All-girls Futsal, Chess, and Game of the Generals have been introduced, further emphasizing the Sanggu-SHS goal for inclusiveness.
7. Sports League

This year’s Sports League had two phases, the first being the Mixed Interstrand League, and the second being the All-girls Interstrand League. The Sports League not only aimed to be an avenue for student recreation, wellness, and unification, but also endeavored to empower the students to realize their potential through sports.

8. Different Strand Projects
Throughout the year, the different strands were able to launch different projects aligned with the goal of strengthening the identity of each strand towards increased student involvement. These projects include the different strand mini-events, ABM Night and HUMSS Open Mic. The strand councils also helped in organizing the different strand days which were all very well received by the student body.
9. CSO District Weeks
In the span of 10 months, different org district weeks were held, each catering to the different identities of the various org districts. These district weeks showcased the various talents and individual uniqueness of the members of the student body through their org life. Some district weeks were so well-prepared that they were even recognized and awarded by the Office of Student Activities.
10. ACO VOX and PagtatagPo
In line with the goal of the Sanggu-SHS of increased transparency, the ACO launched VOX, wherein the students were able to send their concerns to the different offices of the school, which were responded to by the members of the A-Team. Meanwhile, students and members of the school admin were also given the opportunity to engage in open dialogue through a Student-Admin Town Hall meeting entitled PagtatagPo.

11. 2018 ASHS Bluebook
The 2018 ASHS Bluebook was handled and edited by a bustling and robust Bluebook Committee. Through their hard work and enduring prowess, all photoshoots for all classes were efficiently held and all pictures were distributed to students on time. Due to the committee’s efficiency, the Bluebook was even scheduled to be released in time for the Grade 12 graduation—a feat which proved elusive to most previous Bluebook Committees.
12. Prom and Ball
Under their respective Batch Project Committees, the Grade 11 Junior’s Prom Penumbra and Grade 12 Senior’s Ball Amaranthine were planned and implemented well. After months of planning and coordinating, the various negotiations, meetings, and sleepless nights paid of as the juniors and seniors reveled in their respective festivities of the night.

Strengthening Sanggu as an institution.
1. Ratification of the 2018 Sanggu-SHS Constitution
On August and September 2017, the members of the Sanggu-SHS core convened in a convention to discuss the proposed new Constitution designed to adapt to the changes in the Ateneo Senior High School. With more than 86% of cast votes in favor of the new Constitution, the Constitution has been approved in the plebiscite held on March 1.
2. Multiple Org System
This year, the Office of Student Activities and Council of Student Organizations had the first year of implementation of the multiple org system. Students could join up to three student orgs, for so long as the schedules do not overlap.

3. Formation of the Sandigan Culture Building Program
The Sandigan Program and the four committees under it were formed keeping in mind the need to instill awareness in the members of the student body of the various issues surrounding our campus and and society today. The four committees are the Kanlaon Committee on DRRR, Lakambini Committee on Gender Sensitivity, Mapulon Committee on Mental and Physical Health and Matanglawin Committee on Environmental Sustainability.
4. Introduction of the different forms system in the Sanggu-SHS
In line with the goal of increased transparency and effectivity, the forms system was implemented throughout the different committees and councils of the Sanggu. These forms include the Project Proposal Forms (1001), Accounting Forms (1002, 1006, and 1008), Minutes of the Meeting (1003), Activity Report (1004), Agenda Form (1005), and the Job Order Form (1007).
5. Introduction of Evaluation Tools
To generate feedback and aid in the planning of future events, the different councils have improved their evaluation mechanisms. In particular, the ACO and CSO held evaluations every semester, for class officers and orgs, respectively.
6. Manualization Efforts
To concretize and institutionalize the protocols and systems in the different councils and committees, the manualization efforts have been initiated and are currently ongoing. All protocols in the different councils and committees would be detailed in their respective manuals, leaving little room for error in the business of future Sanggu-SHS administrations.
Instilling social-awareness amongst the members of the student body

  1. Mobilizations against Extrajudicial Killings and the Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Martial Law

“Tigil na. Sobra na. Stop the Killings!” “Marcos: Hitler, diktador, tuta!”
Led by the Sanggu-SHS during recess period, these were the battle cries reverberating around the ASHS Foyer as students, clad in black, the studetns came to the mobilizations protesting against extrajudicial killings and the spirit of the 1972 imposition of Martial Law. Open Mics, exhibits and online infographics were also launched to further educate the student body on both issues.

  1. Katipunan Coalition

The Sanggu-SHS formed an alliance with UP University Student Council, MC Sanggunian and Ateneo LS Sanggunian to have a venue to discuss the issues surrounding their respective schools and the country. Throughout the year, the schools were able to make joint statements on different issues such as the death of numerous minors in the ongoing drug war, the anniversary of Martial Law, and the anniversary of the burial of Ferdinand Marcos in the LNMB.

  1. Donation Drive for Marawi siege victims

The class of 12 Denn and the ASHS Sanggunian asked the student body to donate goods as food and non-consumables in Balikabayan boxes. Volunteers also aided in packing the donations, and with the endorsement and guidance of the Office of the Vice President, the donations reached the people of Marawi.

  1. Prayer Rally for Marawi

Last July, the Assembly of Class Officers organized a prayer rally entitled "Peace Together, Piece Together". This event was a gathering in the spirit of solidarity with those affected by violence and terrorism in Mindanao. In the hopes of a more peaceful nation, the ACO brought the SHS community for an hour of prayer dedicated to unity and justice within the country.

  1. Maki-ALAM talks on the War on Drugs, Spread of Fake News and TRAIN Law

Maki-ALAM is a series of talks launched by the ACO to start a discussion amongst the members of the student body and to encourage them to take a stand on the different issues being faced by the nation today. For the talks, various resource speakers were invited. These include Mr. Tootsie Delos Reyes of the Social Science subject area for the War on Drugs, Bea Cupin of Rappler for the Spread of Fake News and Sec. Ben Diokno of DBM for the TRAIN Law.

  1. Project Parol

The ACO sold parols to the ASHS community for P100 per piece during the AHS Fair and a week during regular school days. As they purchased the parols, teachers, parents, and students alike wrote down their dedications and wishes for the new year on the parol itself.

  1. CSO Outreach for EJK Victims

Last December, members from different student orgs were able to participate in an outreach with the children of EJK victims from AKAP. They were invited on campus where they engaged in a Christmas program. Events included an opening spiel with introductions, a Christmas show by Dulaang Sibol, and an afternoon of games and festivities.

  1. ACO-Kanlaon Red Cross Training Project

In cooperation with Red Cross Tarlac Chapter, 30 students were given free Red Cross training for 2 Saturdays in August. After attending the seminars and passing the tests, these students received lisensces from the Red Cross.

  1. Kanlaon Drive for the victims of Typhoons Vinta and Urduja and Mayon eruption

In response to the natural calamities that have struck the country, the Kanlaon Committee has extended its initial role by handling the student body’s call for donations for the victims of these calamities.

  1. Lakambini #meToo board and Talk on the Violence Against Women and Women Empowerment with Sen. Risa Hontiveros

The first committee on gender sensitivity in Ateneo Senior High School, Lakambini, has given the students a platform for empowerment and awareness on the issue on gender sensitivity. Through these projects, an important dialogue on gender and equality, vital to achieving a more inclusive school environment, was able to occur within the community.

  1. Mapulon Dr. Dog and Yoga Projects

These are two projects that aim to reduce the stress and tension that students build up from their work. Through the breaths and relaxation from yoga and the smiles and joy from Dr. Dog, the students were reminded of the importance of health not only for the point of sickness prevention, but for the point of overall wellness as well.

  1. Matanglawin Ukay-Ukay and Eco Brick Drive

These two projects started by Matanglawin aimed to instill in Ateneans the value of sustainability. The Ukay-Ukay, which was meant to recycle clothes, showed students the value in buying and reusing old clothes that are still viable for use. Meanwhile, the Eco-Brick drive pushed students to recycle their trash, and rather than ending up in landfills, contribute to the construction of buildings.