Two ASHS teams are champs of UK-based Warwick Schools Debate

November 30, 2021
ASHS Debate Varsity

Two teams of Ateneo de Manila Senior High School debaters brought home two championships from the Warwick Schools Tournament 2021 held from November 20-21, 2021. Elio Bejarin (12-Grodecky) & Johann Bernardo (12-Bobola) bested international contingents and emerged as the Gold Champions of the Open Division. In addition, Bejarin was lauded as the Overall Best Open Speaker while Bernardo was named 3rd Best Open Speaker. Meanwhile, Hannah Alcasid (11-Realino) & Aliyah Herlihy (11-Bellarmino) emerged as Novice Champions of the Novice Division. In addition, Alcasid was named 2nd Best Novice Speaker while Herlihy was named 3rd Best Novice Speaker.
Open champions Elio Bejarin & Johann Bernardo
Novice champions Hannah Alcasid & Aliyah Herlihy

The rest of the ASHS contingent broke in the tournament as well, dominating speaker rankings in the Open and Novice categories. Isabella Balde (12-Miki) & Eliana Lim (11-Owen) ended their run as Gold Finalists. Individually, Balde was named 9th Best Open Speaker while Lim was named Overall Best Novice Speaker. Meanwhile, Naomi Ang (12-Miki) & Anton Abiera (12-Bobola) bowed out of the tournament as Bronze Finalists. Additionally, Ang tied with Balde for the 9th Best Speaker citation.

Isabella Balde & Eliana Lim
Naomi Ang & Anton Abiera
Warwick Schools 2021 is a British Parliamentary (BP) tournament held in the United Kingdom which draws debaters worldwide to compete online.