Para sa Kanila: The Mayer and De Brito MAGIS Project

March 22, 2018
Justin Jimenez

The classes of 11- Mayer (HUMSS) and 11- De Brito (GA) had their MAGIS Project at Boso-Boso, Antipolo last February 25, 2018. The reason for this project was both class’ initiative to give back to the community as the school year came to a close.
The day began as both classes including Mr. Alvin Macaranas (Moderator of 11-Mayer), Mr. Pocholo Gutierrez (Moderator of 11-De Brito), and Mr. Erick Salonga (CSIP Coordinator), gathered at 6:00 a.m. at the AHS Cafeteria. The students then left for Boso-Boso shortly after in the various cars provided by the students’ parents.
After a nearly two-hour drive, the students arrived at Nuestra Señora de la Annuncita Parish in Boso-Boso. The students then began setting up the venue by cleaning, fixing the tables and chairs, and bringing down the food, instruments, and giveaways to be used in the activities later in the day. Afterwards, the Ateneans celebrated Sunday Mass with the community in the aforementioned Parish.
After the mass ended, the Ateneans rushed to their respective venues to prepare for the festivities. There were two activities that the students prepared for: a Bingo game for the adults & elders, and a palaro for the children in the community.

The Bingo game was greeted with cheer as the residents of Boso-Boso took home several prizes sponsored by the students themselves including ABS-CBN TV+, rice cookers, irons, blankets and pillows, and a variety of other prizes.
The palaro for the children also triggered a flurry of excitement from the children. Several students from Mayer and De Brito played various games with them including Musical Chairs, Newspaper Dance, and Longest Line. The children were also given several prizes such as toys and candy for their participation.
Noon arrived and the students of Mayer and De Brito distributed food to both the children and the adults. While both the students and residents enjoyed their sumptuous lunch, performers from both sections entertained the audience as they performed a variety of songs.
When lunch ended, the residents of Boso-Boso and the Ateneans bid farewell to each other and thanked one another for each other’s participation. The students cleaned up the venue and left shortly afterwards.
The MAGIS Project had a total of 100 beneficiaries comprising of 70 adults and 30 children. The  class collaboration was a result of the joint efforts of Mai Gavino (Mayer), Bea Legaspi, and Danielle Andres (De Brito) who had an idea for a food drive last December.