Mardocheo Crispino successfully presents ‘Discovery Learning Approach’ study at int’l conference

August 17, 2021

Ateneo de Manila Senior High School Science faculty Mardocheo “Cheo” Y. Crispino successfully presented his study, “Improving Experimentation and Adapted Laboratory-Based Skills of Senior High School Students in an Online Setup through Discovery Learning Approach” in recent national and international conferences: the Curriculum Studies Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CSAPI) National Conference on Curriculum Studies on July 17, and the International Teleconference on Technology and Policy (ITTP) for Supporting Implementation of COVID-19 Recovery Plan on August 6-8, 2021.

In the study, Mr. Crispino formulated and implemented an instructional design through a module that can potentially be used as an alternative for activities that were usually conducted in a laboratory before the pandemic. His participants were from the ASHS STEM strand batch 2021. He extends his gratitude to Mr. Javy Fabello and the entire ASHS Science team whose expertise helped and supported him in evaluating parts of the instruments used in the study. Mr. Crispino also thanks his paper adviser and the UP undergraduate students whom he was assigned to lead, who helped him triangulate volumes of data.

The same paper has also been submitted to the ITTP for publication in the prestigious Scopus Journal.