Reyes, Alcañeses, and Gonzalez Bag Top Three Speaker Awards at SLIDE UP 2017

February 28, 2017
ASHS Debaters

 (L-R) Renz Reyes, Luigi Alcañeses, Hans Gonzalez

Renz Reyes (12-A), Luigi Alcañeses (12-A), and Hans Gonzalez (11-Hoyos) were awarded as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Overall Best Speakers out of a total of 156 debaters who competed at the Southern Luzon Intellectual Debate Encounter in UP (SLIDE UP) Los Baños from February 25-26, 2017.
SLIDE UP used to be a tournament exclusive to schools from Southern Luzon until three years ago when the tournament was opened to schools nationwide. Last year, the team of Alcañeses, Gonzalez, and Paulo Valencia (12-N) won SLIDE UP 2016. This year, the team of Reyes, Alcañeses, and Gonzalez came very close to achieving the first ever back-to-back championship win in SLIDE UP. The team lost to La Salle Greenhills on a 5-4 split decision before a panel of nine judges. However, Team Ateneo was undefeated throughout the competition until the very last round, which was a debate on the motion, “This house regrets the dominant narrative that life in itself is a value.”
Teams ASHS B, comprised of Carlos Tiu (12-A), Nicky Solis (12-B), & Ervin Grana (12-L) and ASHS C, comprised of Mikko Vitug (11-Pongracz), Drico Ramiro (12-A), & JC Cruz (12-L) both reached the semifinals of the competition. Vitug was also awarded as the 4th Best Speaker of the tournament, while Cruz and Tiu tied as the 7th Best Speakers of the Tournament.