9 Ateneans are World Series bound!

July 03, 2017
Paul Daza & Nana Guzman from online news reports; Photos by Nana Guzman

(L-R) Marcel Guzman, Zeke Laygo, Emilio Perez, Yuan de la Rosa, Nathan Carpio, Matti Salazar, Miguel Alvaro, Aloi Tuprio, and Xavi Bautista

Representing the Philippines, ILLAM (International Little League Association of Manila) topped the 16-under division of the Asia Pacific regional baseball championship in Saipan last June 29, and will advance to the Senior League Baseball World Series in Easley, South Carolina from July 29 to August 5, 2017. Nine of ILLAM’s players are from the Ateneo Junior High School and Ateneo Senior High School. From left to right in the above photo, they are Marcel Guzman (La Storta/10-Ferreres), Zeke Laygo (La Storta/10- Ferreres), Emilio Perez (Montserrat/10- Morse), Yuan de la Rosa (La Storta/10-Garnier), Nathan Carpio (12-Ogilvie), Matti Salazar (12- Kibe), Miguel Alvaro (12- Beyzym), Aloi Tuprio (11- Fontoura), and Xavi Bautista (12- Anchieta). The team is coached by Ateneo Coaches Randy Dizer, Adriane Bernardo and Pepe Jose.

The other World Series-bound ILLAM players are from Manila Waldorf School, Everest International School, and International School of Manila.

ILLAM won the right to represent the Asia-Pacific because of its 3-1 record in the eliminations. PH was supposed to play against Guam in the Senior League finals, but the game was ultimately suspended because of bad weather. The Philippines won the right to represent the region because its 3-1 eliminations record topped Guam’s 2-2 record.   

ILLAM back in Manila after winning the ASPAC regionals in Saipan