Ignacio places 3rd overall in jetski tournament debut

September 27, 2019
ASHS News from a report by Angela Ignacio

Javi Ignacio wearing the medals he won in the last leg of the tournament Javi Ignacio of 11-Bellarmino placed 3rd in the 2019 Overall Beginners Runabout Stock category of the 2019 Philippine National Jetski Tour. This, despite the fact that Javi is a newcomer to competitive jetskiing (he only started racing this year) and that he missed the first leg of the tournament.  Javi also brought home these additional awards in the last leg of the tournament:

2nd place, Beginners Runabout Stock
2nd place, Novice Runabout Stock
3rd place, Endurance Runabout Stock.
In the letter she gave Ateneo Senior High School administrators to report on her son’s exceptional performance at the competition, Javi’s mom Angela thanked the Ateneo “…for helping us raise Javi as a man of faith and action." She added, "The influence of the school and the Ignatian Way were very evident during his preparations for the race. He requested us to put a sticker of St. Ignatius on his ski as a reminder that even in sports, everything must be done for the greater glory of God.”

A sticker of St. Ignatius adorns Javi’s jetski

The Philippine National Jetski Tour was organized by the Jet Sports Association of the Philippines (JSAP). Its last leg was held in Subic Bay from August 31 to September 1, 2019.

Javi Ignacio (rightmost) with fellow podium finishers