December 10, 2021
Office of Admission and Scholarships

Please check what stage your application is in and note the following reminders per stage:

HAVE NOT YET STARTED THE APPLICATION PROCESS:  You have up to December 13, 2021 to create an application account and generate a payment reference number.  On December 14, the system will be closed—accounts may no longer be created and payment reference numbers may no longer be generated. For more information, please download step-by-step application instructions at the bottom of this page: http://www.ateneo.edu/senior-high-school/news/online-application-requirements-and-procedure-grade-11-2022-2023.

FOR PAYMENT Stage:  Note that payments take 3-5 working days to process.  We ask all AJHS students to pay the admission fee as soon as possible and not later than December 13, 2021. Payments made on or before December 13 may still be processed before the Christmas break.  Payments not traced before December 13 (because payment instructions were not followed), and payments made after December 13 will be processed after the Christmas break. Ateneo offices will be closed from December 18, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

DRAFT Stage: Pls fill up your application form and click the SUBMIT button at the end.

FOR REVIEW Stage:  Pls wait for the ASHS checkers to review the completeness of your application form.  Note that applications will not be reviewed during the Christmas break, or only very limited application review will take place.  Application review will resume on January 3, 2022.

RETURN TO APPLICANT Stage:  Kindly check and address the comments in the message panel. After you do so, please re-submit your form.  Only you can move your application forward when it is in this stage.

FOR RECOMMENDATION Stage:  Please wait for the Office of Admission and Scholarships to move your application to the next stage whether or not your recommenders filled up the recommendation form. (The filling up of recommendation forms by AJHS teachers for AJHS students is optional.)

FOR PROCESSING Stage: Two things are required of you at this stage:
(1) Please click on the nearest available batch processing schedule.  This is a necessary step in the process flow of the admission system.  If you have not clicked on a processing schedule yet, please do so.  You will not have to do anything on the processing date.  There will be no exam. 
(2) If you have not yet uploaded your Grade 10 grades, please do so. Log into your Ateneo application account. On the left panel, click "Follow Up Requirements." Please upload a PDF file of a printout/screenshot/screenshots of the edusuite system that shows the LEFT PANEL INDICATING YOUR NAME, all academic marks including effort and conduct, and non-academic (APSAF, etc.) marks.
After these two steps, the application process is COMPLETE.  Applicants need not worry about the movement of their form beyond the processing stage. From this point onward, the movement of applications to the next stages is controlled by the ASHS-OAS.  Movement to the “For Deliberation” and “For Releasing of Result” stages will only take place in April 2022 shortly before the release of the admission decisions. 

ADMISSION DECISIONS will be released at the end of April 2022.  The exact date of release will be announced later.  Each applicant will only be able to view the decision on his application through his application account.

We thank all applicants who completed the application process on or before our suggested deadline of November 29. We ask all other applicants from AJHS to strive to complete the application process as soon as possible, and hopefully before the Christmas break.  At the very minimum, please create an application account and generate a payment reference number by December 13, 2021. Please note that offices in Ateneo will be closed from December 18 to January 2.  We will resume responding to your inquiries and concerns via mobile phone and email on January 3, 2022.

               -Ateneo de Manila Senior High School Office of Admission and Scholarships (oas.ashs@ateneo.edu)