Magisterial Lectures | Alfredo Joaquin C Arias, RME - Kaka-Kompyuter Mo 'Yan!

Jason Arias talks about adapting his science classes to an online medium and the integration of video games into teaching pedagogy.

Alfredo Joaquin C. Arias, RME is a science teacher from the Ateneo de Manila Junior High School. He is an alumnus of the University of the Philippines Diliman, and a registered mechanical engineer. Inspired to encourage students from his former high school to explore science and engineering careers, he returned to the Ateneo High School to teach, upon the urging of his former mentors. He currently handles Grade 10 regular and advanced science classes; teaching physics and research. He is also a co-moderator of the Gamebreakers Club, the school’s video game student organization. During his free time, Mr. Arias, a.k.a. Dyeyzzon914 , still actively pursues his passion for video games. A former admin of PinoyCraft (formerly the largest online Filipino Minecraft fan community), Mr. Arias is best known for creating Minecraft replicas of Filipino landmarks such as Ateneo High School and Rizal Park. He then tapped into his experiences as a gamer to produce a successful OBS Powerpoint Lecture Tutorial series on YouTube, to aid teachers shifting to online learning during the pandemic. The series can be viewed through his YouTube channel, @DyeyzzonTeaches.

The Magisterial Lecture series is a collection of selected talks from Ateneo classes, delivered by some of the University’s most respected faculty members. They are produced and shared for the benefit of learners everywhere. Magisterial Lectures are available on Areté’s YouTube channel for free. Magisterial Lectures is an Areté Production done in partnership with The Department of Communication, Loyola Schools and the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Multimedia Communication.

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