Established in 2012, the Graduate Legal Studies Institute (GLSI) is envisioned to serve as a center for academic research in various fields of law, particularly in the areas of human rights law, international economic law, corporate and business law, and intellectual property law. It aims to be a catalyst in nation-building by serving as a resource center for studies and other research outputs for law reform.  It assists members of the Law School faculty in producing scholarly articles and research in their respective fields of interest and expertise, especially in relevant and emerging issues of domestic and international concerns. It also enhances the research capacity of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Master of Laws (LL.M.) students in producing quality thesis and other academic research papers. 

In addition to its focus on research, GLSI manages the LL.M. Program of the Law School.  It assists potential students in their application process and provides academic advice to LL.M. students.  It also handles curriculum development and academic linkages between the Law School and other educational institutions, both local and foreign. It assists the LL.M. faculty to further develop their existing curriculum through readers, casebooks, and other materials, and come up with minimum requirements for research papers submitted in compliance with their course requirements.