Ateneo Heritage and Symbols

All students of the Ateneo Grade School belong to a select group of young men known as ATENEANS. They are heirs to the rich heritage of symbols that ATENEANS have been handed down through the years. These symbols are expected to play an important part in their lives as ATENEANS. Therefore, it is their responsibility to know, cherish, preserve and take pride in these symbols.

The Seal

The Seal of the Ateneo de Manila University serves as a constant guide and reminder of what the Ateneo believes in and stands for. Circular in shape, it has a border with the words Lux in Domino on top and ''Ateneo de Manila" below. The motto . Lux in Domino, which means "Light in the Lord," should inspire the Ateneans to seek the light of Christian faith through the diligent application of their studies. It challenges them to be bright lights themselves by being shining examples of Christian values, for others to follow. It should remind them of the kind of person Ateneo wants them to be PERSONS-FOR-OTHERS.

The Jesuit Monogram - "IHS" (Jesus Hominum Salvator) which translates to "Jesus, Savior of Man" is contained in a circular sun emitting glorious rays in every direction. The sun stands for the consecrated host.
Below the sun is a shield that stands for nobility, generosity, courage and virtues, which Ateneans should develop and uphold. To its right is a white field where the wolves and a pot (lobos y olla) of Loyola are depicted. The wolves stand on their hind legs and reach out with their forepaws to the pot that hangs from the ceiling. Tradition tells us that the Lords of Loyola used to provide so much for their followers that the pot became an emblem of generosity. It signified the presence of leftovers for the wolves of the countryside to feed on.
On the left side of the shield are seven alternating red and yellow diagonal stripes representing the seven siblings of Loyola and depicting the colors of the flag of Spain, which was St. Ignatius' country of origin. St. Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus that runs the Ateneo.

The Colors

The colors of the Ateneo de Manila are blue and white in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the Patroness of the Ateneo. Blue stands for the faith and the loyalty of the Ateneans to all that the school stands for. White stands for the purity that they must strive to maintain as special children of the Blessed Virgin, the Model of Purity.

The Blue Eagle

The Blue Eagle symbolizes the Ateneo's being a school that "soars into the highest realms of truth and knows no fear." Therefore, like the Eagle, Ateneans should "fly high" and strive for excellence. They should lead and fight for what is right, and have the courage and determination of the Eagle swooping down on the foe." The Eagle lofty, majestic, fearless - should inspire Ateneans to be MEN who will lead.


"AMDG" stands for the Latin phrase Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which in English means "For the greater Glory of God." Every Atenean writes it on his paper format or any written work to remind him to give his best in any task he undertakes and to offer this to God. To glorify God rather than himself should be every Atenean's goal.