The Ateneo Way

The Ateneo aims to develop all the faculties of its students. It seeks to deepen their knowledge and love of God, for them to please Him by applying their abilities/talents in serving their fellowmen. In short, the Ateneo seeks to develop every student into a man-for-others because "only by being a man-for-others does one become fully human."

To achieve this goal, every Atenean should: (a) adopt a lifestyle that is simple and frugal; (b) serve others through the equal distribution of material things; and (c) know the defects of society in order to be able to offer alternatives to correct them. He should also be willing to defend these alternatives.

The Ateneo also strives to develop a deep knowledge and appreciation of the Filipino cultural heritage and to foster loyalty to Filipino ideals in its students. It seeks to equip them with the competence to serve the community and with the spirit of service' to wish to do so.
The program of studies of the Grade School aims to equip its students with the basic tools for higher studies. To this basic aim it adds the new thrust of a Jesuit education: "service of the Faith through the promotion of justice." Ateneo's students must desire to be active agents of change for them to bring about a better and more just society.