Computer Center

The Computer Center provides services and facilities that support the teaching, learning, and administrative activities of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School.

The services include but are not limited to the technical infrastructure to run services such as the management information systems (CES, GRACE, LISA, HR, etc.), and to enable access to extensive network resources on campus.

The center also provides and supports the use of printers, scanners, LCD projectors, desktop computers, laptops and notebooks, general office (e.g. MS Office), and internet-related concerns.


Technical Services

• Troubleshoot common computer problems including but not limited to hard disk failure, slow or no network connection, no power on CPU, printer error, and printer paper jam.
• Troubleshoot, repair and reset network switches and restore internet/intranet connections.
• Repair and replace defective computer components, video projectors, and peripherals.
• Provide preventive hardware maintenance including regular cleaning and diagnostics.
• Ensure the availability and reliability of the computer laboratory including but not limited to the computer units, printers, network switches and connections, and audio and video (e.g. LCD projectors accessories and peripherals) units.
Software Services
• Format and install operating systems yearly and as the need arises.
-  Includes but not limited to MS Windows Server 7/8.
•Install the necessary applications to support the teaching and the learning process of teachers and students, the staff and administrators.
-  Includes but not limited to MS Office 2007/2010, Adobe Reader, etc.
•Update and install the operating system’s plug-ins, add-ons, utilities and antivirus software to provide a fast, smooth and hassle-free systems operation.
-  Includes Windows Updates, ActiveX, audio/video codec, antivirus data files, etc.
•Update, enhance and facilitate the upgrade of the CES, GRACE, LISA, HR, etc. to further simplify and expand the functionality of the Grade School Information Systems.
-  Works hand in hand with GSoft Solutions for the update and enhancement of the above mentioned systems.
-  Install and implement the necessary changes in the information systems installed for further enhancements and upgrades.
•Test various software configurations and identify potential conflicts to be able to resolve them before they are implemented.
Printing Services
•The Computer Center provides the needs of the various sectors with regards to the printing peripherals and accessories needed to accomplish their tasks whenever possible.
Wireless Services

•The wireless service includes but not limited to internet and intranet access within the Grade School campus.
- Provides access to the Internet through the Grade School Wireless Access Points. This facilitates the availability of the various applications and utilities found on the World Wide Web including e-mail, browsing, etc.
(Wired) LAN/WAN Services
•The wired network access is made available from the classrooms to the lounges, from laboratories to the offices of the Grade School campus providing internet and intranet access. 
-  Provides network services to the classrooms as additional support to the teaching and learning process of the teachers and students of the Grade School.
-  Provides network services to the teachers at the comfort of their grade level lounges.
- Provides comfortable and friendly atmosphere of learning from four computer laboratories; wired and internet connected and maintained by the Computer Center technical personnel.
- Provides access to the internet for the various offices’ functions and needs.

Data Services

• Includes but not limited to hard and soft copy reproduction and transfer of data under the jurisdiction of the Computer Center, with the authorization of all offices involved.
-  Data requested by various units and departments in the Grade School that is not generated through the existing information systems installed (e.g. computer/equipment inventory).
-   Provide the necessary means of data transfer between offices to facilitate a more secured way of transfer of confidential documents.
•The Computer Center is also the Data Center of the Ateneo Grade School. Security of the different servers and the data within the servers are maintained and secured by the center’s personnel.
-   Each individual user is given a username and password for security and audit purposes. Unauthorized use of the system and network is minimized.
-   Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter and use the data center.


Supplies – Inks/Toners
Provide supply of various deskjet inks and laserjet toners for different printer models.
University Wide Services
•Provides a healthy and productive working relationship with the various IT departments in the university to identify technology requirements and coordinate various activities involving the Grade School Computer Center.
-  Coordinate with the Campus Network Group (CNG) for their network requirements especially in activities requiring network connections from the Grade School campus.
-  Coordinate and assist the CNG in the implementation of ADMU e-mail services.
-  Provide access to the Grade School network for applications requiring ADMU wide authentication.
-  Coordinate with the ADMU MIS for the implementation of university wide software licensing and distribution.
- Coordinate and assist the offices involved whenever there is a request for data transfer from various units and departments of the university.
- Provide the necessary documents needed by the various units and departments required from the Computer Center for reference and other purposes that will benefit both the Grade School and the university.


The Grade School Computer Center administers, provides and supports services for the benefit of the Grade School community and the university to further enhance, develop and increase the capacity of each member of the community and helps them accomplish their daily tasks.

A service requested from the Computer Center by an individual in any way not connected to his/her tasks in the Grade School is not a priority of the Department. Personal services rendered by the Technical personnel are by his/her own discretion.