Grading System

Following the example of St, Ignatius, every Atenean is called to strive continuously for academic excellence, and at the same time, develop social awareness and a Christian approach to learning. The Atenean puts into practice the Ignatian concept of MAGIS, of giving more than what is required of him, towards his wholistic development.

Homework assignments aim to reinforce lessons learned in school. Thus, it is very important for parents to help supervise their children's studies at home. Parental supervision consists of ensuring that a specific schedule for study is adhered to, and that a quiet place devoid of noise and distraction is available.

Students are encouraged to show their homework, seatwork, quizzes and quiz charts to their parents, for them to gain an idea of their children's day-to-day performance, which will ultimately form the basis of class standing marks.

Once each quarter, parents have a conference with their son's teacher to discuss his performance and conduct in school.