Types of Marks

Types of Marks

Academic Subject Marks
The class standing mark is based on the written/oral quizzes and long tests given regularly in each subject. Projects and group work are included in the class standing mark following a set criteria approved by the SAC.
The quarterly mark for each subject consists of two thirds the class standing mark and one-third the quarterly exam mark.
The average of the first to fourth quarterly marks determines the final mark, which indicates whether a student has passed or failed.

Deportment Marks
a. Courtesy  - The mark for this category is based on the respect shown by the student to his superiors and fellow students in speech and action.
b. Sociability - This mark reflects how friendly and thoughtful a student is.
c.  Neatness - This mark gives a gauge of the student's personal appearance and the quality of his schoolwork.
d. Observance of school rules and regulations - This mark indicates how faithfully the student complies with school rules and regulations.
e.  Interest and effort - This mark gives a gauge of how actively the student participates in all class activities.
f. Regular  - This mark indicates how religiously the student submits his homework and other assignments.
g.  Working to capacity - This mark shows whether a student maximizes his talents and skills or not.

CLE Mark
Christian Life Education covers the following areas: (1) knowledge of Christian teachings, (2) Christian behavior and (3) active participation in the liturgy. For this reason, two grades are given in CLE from Grade 3 to Grade 7:
a. The numerical mark - reflects the student's knowledge of the Christian faith as taught, learned and tested in the classroom.
b. The letter mark - reflects his interest and participation in CLE class and in liturgical and para-liturgical activities.
Students from Prep to Grade 2 receive only letter marks in. CLE, representing both their knowledge and participation in CLE class and activities. These particular grade levels do not have quarterly exams in CLE.

Numerical Mark
Number marks are used for subject courses such as Language, Reading, Filipino and Mathematics in all grade levels.
Number marks are used only in Grades 4 to 7 in Science and Araling Panlipunan.
The equivalent rating of each numerical mark is as follows:
95-100             Excellent
90-94               Very good
85-89              Good
80-84              Satisfactory
75-79             Acceptable
74- below       Unsatisfactory

Letter Mark
Letter marks are used for Science and Araling Panlipunan in Grades 1 to 3. They are also used for special subjects such as music, Art, P.E., work Education and Computer Education in all grade levels. Letter marks are likewise given in deportment, penmanship and co-curricular activities.

The equivalent rating of each letter mark is as follows:

A    95-100                 Excellent
B+   90-94                  Very good
B    85-89                   Good
C+  80-84                   Satisfactory
C    75-79                   Acceptable
D   74 and below        Unsatisfactory
Grading Procedures in Case of Absence