B.S Management Major in Legal Management

The Legal Management Program is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of business, management, law and society. It provides knowledge and skills in the components of law and the legal intricacies of the business environment. The purpose of this multifaceted program is to develop the study of law within a business-management framework and to explore the myriad ways in which law is connected with other management disciplines pertinent to an understanding of contemporary business and society.
The BS LM program, therefore aims to develop managers of the twenty-first century who have working knowledge of law, business and society from a perspective of corporate leadership and good governance with due regard to the rights and welfare of all stakeholders.
Program Learning Outcomes
The Legal Management will abide by the program outcomes stated in Section 6 (Program Outcomes pages 5-6 of the new CHED PSG for Legal Management.
As a member of the John Gokongwei School of Management, the Legal Management Program also has the following School level outcomes:
JGSOM 1: Develop a global perspective for use in nation building
JGSOM 2: Use interdisciplinary, analytical, and sustainable approaches to solving business problems
JGSOM 3: Use interdisciplinary, analytical, and sustainable approaches in creating innovative business models
JGSOM 4: Develop technical proficiency in their areas of business concentration or major
JGSOM 5: Show an understanding of how to exercise personal moral and ethical standards
JGSOM 6: Demonstrate an understanding of transformative service leadership principles

At the Program Level, the BS Legal Management Program has the following learning outcomes:
  1. Apply legal and management principles, theories and methods to various types of organizations
  2. Analyze, evaluate and solve problems critically using legal and management tools and techniques
  3. Use interpersonal and communication skills effectively in the legal and business environment
  4. Make decisions and act within ethical standards and corporate social responsibility within the bounds of the business law

Contact Information
Michael Tan

Program Director
Ruby Rizza Mandafe
Program Secretary


The BS Management, major in Legal Management, or LM program, is designed to create managers and entrepreneurs with a working knowledge of the legal environment within which all enterprises must operate. On top of the regular business curriculum is added a law curriculum which covers all the major components of law that are encountered in the conduct of business: taxation, labor law, partnership and corporation law, laws on intellectual property.
The course is not designed to be a preparation for law school, but has proven to be an excellent pre-law program, nevertheless.  It can be especially appropriate for students who are considering a career in law, but are not certain that it is for them. The exposure to law subjects at the undergraduate level can help these students make a final determination as to their preparedness and interest in pursuing the legal profession.
Legal Management is designed primarily to be an entrepreneurial program, giving students the theoretical as well the practical tools to effectively run an enterprise. The law subjects can provide LM graduates with a competitive edge in the increasingly legalistic business environment.
Most of the major subjects involve teamwork because this is the way the real world operates. The ability to manifest leadership and take control in a team-oriented environment are today pre-requisites for business success. Students are trained to prepare business plans that are supported by extensive market research and analysis, and are asked to execute one such business plan as a requirement for graduation.
The effective integration of both business and law courses with the liberal arts core curriculum of the Ateneo creates a holistic program that produces high-impact
leaders for business, entrepreneurship and the legal profession.

Career Options for Our Graduates:
-           Banking
-           Brand Management
-           Entrepreneurship
-           Family Business Management
-           Financial Management
-           General Management
-           Government Service
-           Human Resources Management
-           Investment Management
-           Law School, eventually
            Law Practice
-           Management Consulting
-           Marketing Management
-           Production and Operations
-           Sales Management


First Semester Second Semester
ENGL 11: Purposive Communication ENLIT 12: Literature: Global Voices and Encounters
FILI 12: Panitikan ng Pilipinas FILI 11: Malayuning Komunikasyon
MATH 10: Mathematics in the Modern World MATH 30.13: Applied Calculus for Business and Economics I
NatSc 10.01: Natural Science, Lecture MATH 30.14: Applied Calculus for Business and Economics II
NatSc 10.02: Natural Science, Laboratory HISTO 11: Rizal and the Emergence of the Philippine Nation
LLAW 112: Legal Research
LLAW 113: Obligations and Contracts
THEO 11: Faith, Spirituality, and the Church SocSc 11: Understanding the Self
INTACT 11: Introduction to Ateneo Culture and Traditions 11 INTACT 12: Introduction to Ateneo Culture and Traditions 12
PHYED 1: Physical Education 1 PHYED 2: Physical Education 2


Intersession First Semester Second Semester
IE 1: Interdisciplinary Elective 1 - English FLC 11: Foreign Language and Culture 11 SocSc 12: The Contemporary World
STATISTICS ELECTIVE: Statistics Elective ArtAp 10: Art Appreciation DECSC 25: Creative Thinking and Innovation Management
(ITMGT 20.12 syllabus)
HISTO 12: Readings in Philippine History LLAW 114.03: Business Protection Law
  PHILO 11: Philosophy: The Human Condition LAS 111: Strategic Human Resource Management
  LAS 20: Philippine Business Environment: Policies and Programs on Enterprise Development
ACCT 125: Managerial Accounting
  ACCT 15: Financial Accounting
STS 10: Science, Technology, and Society
  LLAW 114: Law on Business Organizations
THEO 12: Theology of the Catholic Social Vision
  PHYED 3: Physical Education 3 NSTP 11: National Service Training Program 11
    PHYED 4: Physical Education 4


First Semester Second Semester
PHILO 12: Philosophy of Religion SocSc 13: The Economy, Society, and Sustainable Development
LLAW 115: Law on Taxation
IE 2: Interdisciplinary Elective 2
LLAW 113.03: Law on Business Transaction
PHILO 13: Ethics
FINN 113: Principles of Finance
ECON 110: Principles of Economics
MKTG 111: Marketing Management
OPMAN 120: Production and Operations Management
THEO 13: A Theology of Marriage, Family, and Vocation LLAW 116: Labor Law and Social Legislation
  NSTP 12: National Service Training Program 12


Intersession First Semester Second Semester
LAS 197.20: Work Practicum
SocSc 14: Politics, Governance, and Citizenship FREE ELECTIVE: Free Elective
  IE 3: Interdisciplinary Elective 3 DLQ 10: Discerning Life Questions: Towards Leadership and Commitment
  LLAW 113.04: Retail Trade Laws and Consumer Act LLAW 199: Legal Management Thesis
  LLAW 115.04: Law on Business and Transfer Taxation
LAS 140: Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  LAS 120: Strategic Management
MGT ELECTIVE: Management Elective
  LEAD/BUSETH ELECTIVE: Leadership and Business Ethics Elective MGT ELECTIVE: Management Elective

Finance and Accounting Department Electives:

  • ACCT 190: Seminar Accounting (syllabus)
  • FINN 121: Investment Management (syllabus)
  • FINN 124: Equity Investment Analysis (syllabus)
  • FINN 150: Advanced Corporate Finance (syllabus)
  • FINN 180: Special Topics in Finance: Venture Finance for Tech and Social Entrepreneurs (syllabus)

Leadership and Strategy Department Electives:

  • LAS 112.73i: Leading Teams for Innovation (syllabus)
  • LAS 113: Organization Development (syllabus)
  • LAS 115: Leading and MAnaging Change (syllabus)
  • LAS 144.70: Cross-Cultural Communication (syllabus)

Marketing and Law Department Electives:

  • MKTG 113: Marketing Communciations (syllabus)
  • MKTG 114: Public Relations Management (syllabus)
  • MKTG 118: Brand Management (syllabus)
  • MKTG 119: Sales Management (syllabus)
  • MKTG 125: International Marketing (syllabus)
  • MKTG 125.03: International Business Opportunities (syllabus)
  • MKTG 126: Digital Marketing (syllabus)
  • MKTG 128.03i: Marketing and Consumer Psychology (syllabus)
  • MKTG 192: Marketing Research (syllabus)

Quantitative Methods and Information Technology Department Electives:

  • DECSC 31: Decision Analysis (syllabus)
  • DECSC 33: Introduction to Business Analytics (syllabus)
  • DECSC 141: Systems Dynamics Modelling (syllabus)
  • ITMGT 45.03: Electronic Business Fundamentals (syllabus)
  • ITMGT 163: ICT and Business Strategy (syllabus)
  • OPMAN 146: Service Management (syllabus)
  • OPMAN 162: Leading Project Teams (syllabus)
  • QUANT 160: Basic Principles of Operations Research (syllabus)