World's first student entrepreneur mall in the Ateneo? Yes, that's right.

JGSOM Student Enterprise Center
Started in the year 2007, the John Gokongwei Student Enterprise Center (JSEC for short) became the world's first student entrepreneur mall where the students, who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs in the near (or not so near) future, can start their own businesses. The goal of this JSEC mall is to produce more efficient entrepreneurs since they get to apply the things they learned in their books and classes. It gives students more opportunities since you'll never know, one of the stalls that started out in JSEC might be the next big thing.
The JSEC Challenge, which is held thrice a year, determines whether a stall can be one of the chosen stalls in JSEC. Many people join the JSEC Challenge, however; only a few get selected to operate for the next school year. Joining the JSEC Challenge can be a bit tedious since you have to brainstorm for unique ideas, make a proposal (which should be approved by the JGSOM Dean), look for possible suppliers for the products, and have a defense. And you have to remember that there is a big chance that you won't get in and all of your efforts go down the drain. But, the reason why most people still join, even if it's really hassle, is that you get a huge profit from your stall once you get in.

For school year 2018-2019, 24 new student enterprises offer a wide variety of food ranging from Asian, American to Spanish and a whole lot more. Three of these stalls are located at satellite spaces of Loyola Schools at the SEC  B Foyer and Matteo Ricci Study Hall.