JGSOM Business Accelerator


The John Gokongwei School of Management Business Accelerator (JGSoM.BA) is a university-based business incubator that is at the forefront of university-based entrepreneurial education. JGSoM.BA supports student entrepreneurship by helping students set up their own business even while still in school. In this one-year enterprise development program, students undergo the entire business development cycle, from idea generation to commercial production and sale of their products.

More than teaching students how to start and run a business, JGSoM.BA also aims to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in the students so that they may continue their business or pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors after graduating.

Successful graduates of the SoMBA have developed products that are sold at a number of large commercial establishment and supermarket chains.

The students are even encouraged to join entrepreneurship contests in order to further their start-up experience. Joining these contests give their businesses additional funds and more exposure in the public market. The program is also a platform for potential funding from investors and other independent institutions.
Through JGSoM.BA, entrepreneurship can become a career path for fresh grads.

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