School of Humanities

The heart of an Ateneo education is the core curriculum largely made up of courses offered by the different departments that make up the School of Humanities.

From their courses in language – Filipino, English, Spanish or another foreign language—students are taught to be fluent on both the written and spoken levels. They are trained to think critically and communicate effectively.

The study of literature starts students on their journey in the creative life. With a multicultural perspective, students deepen their understanding of themselves and their world by reading literary texts—local and global, classical and contemporary.

The courses of philosophy bring students into contact with the primary texts of great philosophers from classical times to the contemporary era. Challenged with personal, social, religious, and ethical questions, students develop habits of philosophical reflection.

Through its courses in theology, they encounter the saving truth, the Word of Life. Immersed in the many sources of faith’s living tradition, they develop a thinking faith and are led to respond to the call for moral transformation and spiritual renewal.

Students are also required to take core curriculum courses in history, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences. For more detailed information on these courses, please refer to the brochures of the respective Departments and Programs within the School of Humanities as well as in other Loyola Schools.