The Theology Department is a committed community of scholar educators who manifest excellence in teaching, research, and service for the development of theological reflection in the life and mission of the Ateneo community, Philippine society, and the Catholic Church in the Philippines and Asia.

As scholar educators within a Filipino Catholic Jesuit University, we strive to advance the mission and goals of the Ateneo.
As educators, we provide an essential dimension of the holistic and life-long formation of lay students and professionals through critical, dialogical, and inculturated theological reflection. We strive to form students whose encounter with Christ animates their desire to serve both the Church and society with respect for the human person and a Christian vision of integral human development.
As scholars, we seek to pursue innovative and relevant research for the benefit of our publics, i.e., the academe, the Church, and society. Such research is undertaken primarily in conversation with fellow scholars within the Catholic theological discipline, in dialogue with those from other disciplines, religious traditions, and informed by wider global perspective.
We pay particular attention to our Philippine and Asian contexts through our theological reflection and lend a prophetic voice to the issues confronting our nation and region.