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Problem-Solving Enrichment and Training (ProbSET) is an online program that aims to build and bring together communities of educators and students passionate about nation-building through problem-solving. It is conceptualized and spearheaded by the Department of Mathematics of the Ateneo de Manila University in collaboration with participating State Universities/Colleges (SUCs) and select Department of Education (Dep Ed) divisions all around the country.

The pilot run of the project aims to cultivate a culture of problem solving among public school students all over the Philippines by bringing the Ateneo Mathematics Olympiad (AMO) training program to them.


●  to bridge different communities through a common passion for Mathematics;
●  to develop problem-solving Trainers by enhancing the problem-solving teaching pedagogy and competence of SUC/DepEd faculty; and
●  to nurture problem-solvers among public school students around the area of participating SUC/DepEd by increasing their problem-solving proficiency and exposing them to non-routine problems through weekly problem-solving sessions for eight (8) weeks.

Two Main Sub-Programs

●  ProbSET A – Problem-Solving Trainer Enrichment Program

This program is a 5-Saturday problem-solving teaching enrichment for volunteer Trainers from participating SUC/DepEd focused on math education concepts, together with the problem-solving techniques that the Trainers are expected to teach the Trainees. There will be 5 synchronous sessions and at least 2 asynchronous sessions administered by Coaches from AdMU.

●  ProbSET B – Problem-Solving Training Program

This program is an 8-Saturday problem-solving training for senior high school students, referred to as Trainees henceforth, from the respective areas of participating SUC/DepEd. This training will equip students with various problem-solving skills and techniques which they will demonstrate at the culminating activity of ProbSET in the form of a written and oral problem-solving competition.


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