Bautista, Evangeline P.

Full Time
Contact No.: 
(+632) 426-6001 local 5602

PhD Mathematics (2002)
Ateneo de Manila University

Faculty Position: 
Associate Professor
Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses
MA 18A/B: Principles of Modern Mathematics I & II
MA 21: Mathematical Analysis I
MA 22: Mathematical Analysis II
MA 121: Fundamental Concepts in Algebra
MA 122: Linear Algebra
MA 171: Advanced Calculus I

Graduate Courses
MA 215: Modern Algebra and Trigonometry
MA 220: Analysis for Teachers I
MA 224: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
MA 248: Topics in Combinatorial Mathematics
MA 250: Algebraic Structures I
MA 251: Algebraic Structures II

Research Interest: 

Coding Theory



E. P. Bautista, P. Gaborit, J.-L.Kim, J. L. Walker. s-Extremal Additive Codes Over GF(4). IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 1296-1300, (July 2006). DOI: 10.1109/ISIT.2006.262035.


E. P. Bautista, I. J. L. Garces. Mathematical Excursions: A Problem-Solving Primer for Trainers and Olympiad Enthusiasts. C & E Publishing (2010), ISBN 978-971-584-934-0.

Mathematical Society of the Philippines (Member, 2008 - 2014 Board Member), Quezon City Science Foundation (President), Engineering Research and Development for Technology (Steering Committee), National Consortium in Graduate Science and Mathematics Education (Steering Committee)