Garces, Ian June L.

Full Time
Contact No.: 
(+632) 426-6001 local 5681-83

PhD Mathematics (1998)
Ateneo de Manila University

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses
MA 18A/B: Principles of Modern Mathematics I & II
MA 20: Calculus for Economists
MA 21: Mathematical Analysis I
MA 22: Mathematical Analysis II
MA 151: Elementary Probability Theory
MA 186: Complex Analysis
MA 187: Real Analysis
MA 195G.1: Seminar in Problem Solving Techniques
MA 196.1: Undergraduate Research Seminar
MA 196.2: Undergraduate Research

Graduate Courses
MA 212: High School Geometry from an Advanced Viewpoint I
MA 245: Introduction to Research and Thesis Writing
MA 247: Fundamental Concepts of Analysis II
MA 248: Topics in Combinatorial Mathematics
MA 265: Modern Real Analysis I
MA 267: Modern Complex Analysis I
MA 295A.2: Seminar in Real Analysis II
MA 295J.2: Seminar on Graph Theory
MA 295U: Research Seminar in Mathematics

Research Interest: 

Graph Theory
Integration Theory



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R. P. Ching, I. J. L. Garces. Characterizing 2-Distance Graphs and Solving the Equations T2(X)=kP2 or Km∪KnarXiV preprint (2015).

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E. A. Cabral, M. L. De Las Peñas, E. De Lara-Tuprio, F. Francisco, I. J. L. Garces, R. Marcelo, J. F. Sarmiento. Pre-calculus. Department of Mathematics, Ateneo de Manila University (2005).

National Research Council of the Philippines (Member), Mathematical Society of the Philippines (Member), K-12 Curriculum Coordinating Council Technical Panel - Department of Education (Member)