Miro, Eden Delight P.

Full Time
Administrative Position: 

Department Chair

Contact No.: 
(+632) 426-6001 local 5681-83

PhD Mathematics (2009)
Ateneo de Manila University

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses

Elementary Probability Theory
Differential Equations
Modern Geometry
Advanced Calculus
Introduction to Symbolic Dynamics

Graduate Courses

Algebraic Structures I
Algebraic Structures II
Linear Algebra

Research Interest: 

Aperiodic Order, Dynamical Systems, Combinatorics, Mathematical Crystallography
Harnessing Data for Community Welfare and Wellness 



Topological Mixing of Random Substitutions (2021)
E.D. Miro, D. Rust, L. Sadun, and G. S. Tadeo
Israel Journal of Mathematics (In Press), arXiv

Mixing Properties and Entropy Bounds of a Family of Pisot Random Substitutions
G.B. Escolano, E.D. Miro, and N. Manibo
arXiv (2021)

Multilevel Determinants of Childhood Undernutrition among Low-Icome Urban and Rural Households in the Philippines (2021)
V.T. Siy Van, L. Advincula-Lopez, N.P. Gordoncillo, Z. Garcia-Sales, J. Sescon, and E.D. Miro
Journal of Poverty (In Press), PDF, DOI

Evaluating a Community-Led Central-Kitchen Model for School Feeding Programs in the Philippines: Learnings for Multisectoral Action for Health
V.T. Siy Van, C.P. Siguin, A. C. Lacsina, L. F. Yao, Z. G. Sales, N. P. Gordoncillo, L. Advincula-Lopez, J. Sescon, and E.D. Miro
PDF (2021)

Predicting Undernutrition among Elementary Schoolchildren in the Philippines using Machine Learning Algorithms
V.T. Siy Van, V.A. Antonio, C.P. Siguin, N. P. Gordoncillo, J. Sescon, C.K. Go, and E.D. Miro

Zeckendorf representations and mixing properties of sequences (2020)
N. Manibo, E.D. Miro, D. Rust, and G. S. Tadeo,
Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics, 44(2), 251-269. arXiv

Some properties of quasiperiodic subshifts (2019)
J. Palacio, M. L. B. Walo, and E.D. Miro
AIP Conference Proceedings 2192, 040009. DOI

A supply chain profile of school-based feeding programs in the Philippines (2018)
E.D. Miro, J.L. Martin, L. Lopez, J. Sescon, C. Oracion, and J. Loanzon
International Journal of Technology, 9(7), 1394-1404. DOI

Construction of Mathematical Weavings in the plane (2018)
E.D. Miro, A.I. Zambrano, and A. Garciano
Acta Cryst. A74. DOI

Equivalent Weavings (2017)
A.I. Zambrano, E.D. Miro, and A. Garciano
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., 893, 012007. DOI

Topology of the Random Fibonacci Tiling Space (2014)
F. Gähler and E.D. Miro
Acta Physica Polonica A 126, 564-567. DOI

From Colorings to Weavings (2014)
E.D. Miro, A. Garciano, and A.I. Zambrano
Acta Physica Polonica A 126, 560-563. DOI

On subgroups of crystallographic Coxeter groups (2013)
E.D.B.Provido, M.L.A.N. De Las Peñas, R.P. Felix
Acta Cryst. A69, 445-451. DOI

Policy Notes and other forms of Research Dissemination

Health is Wealth: Financial and Health-related Vulnerabilities of Households in a Mindanao Province
D.J. Benito, E.D.Miro, N.P. Gordoncillo, and J.T. Sescon
CW3 Policy Notes Series, January 2021. PDF
Time is running out for the country’s hungry children
L. Advincula-Lopez, E.D.Miro, J.T.Sescon
Rappler Analysis, September 2020. Link
Paano na sila? Fighting Covid-19 and food insecurity
D.J. Benito, L. Advincula-Lopez, E.D. Miro, J.T. Sescon, V.T. SiyVan and L.F. Yao
ACERD Policy Notes Series and Business Mirror, April 2020. Link
How to Feed Preschoolers: A Nutrient Analysis on School Feeding Recipes
V.T. Siy Van, C. Siguin, N.P. Gordoncillo, Z. Garcia-Sales, and E.D. Miro
CW3 Policy Notes Series, January 2020. PDF

Academic Groups

Ateneo Aperiodic Systems Lab
Collaborative Analytics Lab
Community Wellfare, Wellness, and Well-being Laboratory (CW3 Lab)

Selected Professional Associations, Awards and Recognition: 


Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Facultät fur Mathematik, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
July to December 2019

Global Young Scientists 2018
National Research Foundation, Singapore
January 2018

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Facultät fur Mathematik, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
Novemver 2012 to October 2014

Mathematical Society of the Philippines (Member), National Research Council of the Philippines Division II – Mathematical Sciences, Section of Mathematics and Operations Research, International Union of Crystallography