Vistro-Yu, Catherine P.

Full Time
Contact No.: 
(+632) 426-6001 local 5681-83

EdD Mathematics Education (1991)
University of Georgia

Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses
MA 11: Modern Mathematics I
MA 12: Modern Mathematics II
MA 18A: Principles of Modern Mathematics I
MA 18B: Principles of Modern Mathematics II
MA 19: Applied Calculus for Business
MA 20: Calculus for Economists
MA 20.3A: Applied Calculus for Life Sciences I
MA 20.3B: Applied Calculus for Life Sciences II
MA 22: Mathematical Analysis II
MA 101: Mathematical Analysis III

Graduate Courses
MA 212: High School Geometry from an Advanced Viewpoint I
MA 215: Modern Algebra and Trigonometry
MA 220: Analysis for Teachers I
MA 221: Analysis for Teachers II
MA 222: Analysis for Teachers III
MA 240H: Seminar in Finite Mathematics
MA 240P:
MAE 210: Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics
MAE 295C: Seminar in Classroom Teaching in Mathematics
MAE 295E: Seminar in Testing and Evaluation in Mathematics

Research Interest: 

Mathematics Education
Mathematics Teacher Education
Pupils’ and Teachers’ Conception of Mathematics
Curriculum, Assessment, Sociocultural Aspects of Mathematics Education



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Selected Professional Associations, Awards and Recognition: 


Silver Pillar Awardee, DOST-Science Education Institute (2012)

Metrobank Outstanding Teacher Award (Tertiary Level) (2012)

Outstanding Senior Teacher, Ateneo Schools Parents Council (2010)

Achievement Awardee, National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) (2008)

The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service, TOWNS Foundation (2007)

Springer's “Mathematics Education: An Asian Perspective” (Series Co-Editor), 7th ICMI-East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (Conference Chair), Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators (Member), International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (2013 - 2016 Member-at-Large, 2008-2016 Country Representative), The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (Ex-Officio Board Member), National Research Council of the Philippines (Regular Member), Singapore's “The Mathematics Educator” (Editorial Board Member)