Graduate Programs



The Department of Mathematics offers three graduate degree programs, namely:

MS Mathematics
MS Mathematics Education
M Mathematics Education
PhD Mathematics
PhD Mathematics Education


Our faculty is committed to helping our students accomplish their academic and career goals. Abiding by the principle of cura personalis or “care for the entire person,” our teachers are sensitive to the individual needs of our graduate students. Their extensive training and experience enable them to expertly direct and advise graduate students and to instill and reinforce in graduate students the necessary respect for the academic rigor of mathematics.


The Department of Mathematics is located on the third floor of the Science Education Complex. It maintains multiple computer laboratories and consultation areas for graduate students to conduct their research and interact with fellow students and teachers. Students can also visit the Rizal Library, which has a wide collection of published material and through which access to many international journals—using services such as EBSCOhost and JSTOR—can be acquired.


Standing on a hill overlooking the city of Marikina, the wide, open, and green spaces of the Ateneo de Manila University houses a vibrant community of talented and creative people and numerous cultural landmarks such as the Church of the Gesu and the Ateneo Art Gallery. The school’s urban location allows easy access to a wide variety of shops, cinemas, restaurants, and galleries.

 The University

First established as a primary school in 1859, the Escuela Municipal de Manila became an institution of secondary education in 1865 and was renamed the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, eventually dropping the term Municipal in 1909 during the American colonial period. Transferring campuses twice, it was moved to its current location in Loyola Heights in 1952, where it attained university status in 1959. Then, as now, the Ateneo de Manila University has played an eminent role in Philippine education, molding men and women for others who have become role models of excellence in their chosen fields and establishing close ties with fellow universities, institutions, corporations, and governments both locally and internationally.

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