Tuklas Matematika Online

Tuklás Matemátika Online is a mini-journal devoted to improving the problem-solving skills of the students, engaging the classrooms with enrichment materials, and updating the community with news about mathematics. Distributed free of charge by the Department of Mathematics of the Ateneo de Manila University through its Program of Excellence in Mathematics, Tuklás is designed primarily for junior and senior high school students.

Every volume of Tuklás has five full issues (released in September, October, November, January, and February) and one special issue (March). Every full issue has an expository article, problems from math competitions, elementary and advanced problem proposals, solutions to proposed problems, life and works of a featured mathematician, an enrichment activity, and some news about math events.

We encourage teachers and students to contribute in any section of Tuklás. Please email all communications to




21 (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Jan) (Feb) 6* (Mar)
20 1 (Sep) 2 (Oct) 3 (Nov) 4 (Jan) 5 (Feb) 6* (Mar)
19 1 (Sep) 2 (Oct) 3 (Nov) 4 (Jan) 5 (Feb) 6* (Mar)