Undergraduate Programs


 BS Mathematics (BS MA)

The BS Mathematics program is designed to give students a competitive edge in our society by providing a solid foundation in pure mathematics such as algebra, analysis, geometry, and combinatorics. It is complemented with exposure to the applications of mathematics in the areas of actuarial science, operations research, statistics, and mathematical computing and modeling. Students enrolled in this program are also given the opportunity to participate in the research endeavors of the faculty of the Department of Mathematics.

 BS Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Mathematical Finance - Master in Applied Mathematics Major in Mathematical Finance(BSM AMF)

The BSM AMF program aims to produce graduates with a rigorous foundation in the mathematics of financial markets, combined with keen knowledge of business practices that will enable them to enter competitively the pool of potential employees of financial institutions and companies in other industries. The content and curriculum for the program have been worked out jointly with leading practitioners from major financial institutions in the country to ensure its relevance. It is a 5-year program where the student will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree at the end of the fourth year and may opt to apply for a Master’s degree which may be obtained at the end of the fifth year.

 BS Applied Mathematics - Master in Data Science (BS AMDSc - M DSc)

The program, BS Applied Mathematics - Master in Data Science (BS AMDSc – MDSc), combines mathematics foundations and computational methods with domain understanding in various fields to help generate actionable insights from data analysis. With the rapid emergence of data science as a top profession globally, BS AMDSc-M DSc aims to address the growing demand for these skills through a five-year program of rigorous, interdisciplinary training and cutting-edge applications. Students obtain their bachelor’s degree BS Applied mathematics (with Specialization in Data Science after 4 years and, subject to the academic requirements of the program, may proceed to the master’s program Master in Data Science in the 5th year.