Saplala, Dino Carlo A.

Full Time
Administrative Position: 

Instructor, Department of Economics


M.A, Ateneo de Manila University

Areas of Specialization: 

Quantitative Methods & Econometrics
Financial Economics
Development Economics

Courses Taught: 

EC 102: Basic Economics, Agrarian Reform, and Taxation
EC 111: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
EC 112: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
EC 115: Introduction to Mathematical Economics
EC 116: Statistics for Economists
EC 117: Introduction to Econometrics
EC 121: Development Economics
ECON 110: Principles of Economics
SocSc 13: The Economy, Society, and Sustainable Development (SocSc 13 coordinator)

Research Interest: 

Development, Trade, Finance, Macroeconomics