Tomintz, Harald Eustachius A.

Full Time
Administrative Position: 

Instructor, Department of Economics


M.A. Business - International Business and Law, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

Areas of Specialization: 

Austrian Heterodox Economics, Applied Managerial Economics, European Economic Integration

Courses Taught: 

SocSc13: The Economy, Society, and Sustainable Development
ENLIT 153: Literature and Economics
EU 131: The European Business and Macroeconomic Environment
EU 132: European Marketing and Business Strategy
EU 133: International Economic Cooperation and Development Assistance
EURO 120: Business Strategies and Experiences in Europe
EURO 216: The World Trade Organization and Regionalism
LAS 123: International Business and Trade

Research Interest: 

International Development and Education

Curriculum Vitae: