The Department of Political Science has three working groups that capture the interests and specializations of both the faculty and graduate students. Researchers and staff of the department are known experts in their areas and have published materials that contribute to the growth of discipline not just in the Philippines but also abroad.

Working group on Security Studies:
     Jennifer Oreta, Ph.D.
     Alma Maria Salvador, Ph.D.  
     Ma. Lourdes Veneracion-Rallonza, Ph.D.

Working group on Labor and Migration: 
     Carmel Abao, Ph.D. cand.
     Liberty Chee, Ph.D.
     Maria Elissa Lao, D.P.A.

Working group on Democratization:
     Arjan Aguirre, M.A.
     Diana Mendoza, Ph.D.
     Miguel Paolo Rivera, M.A.
     Benjamin Tolosa, Jr., Ph.D.
     Gino Antonio Trinidad, M.A.

Ongoing Research Initiatives:

a.) Human Rights and Women in the ASEAN - Ma. Lourdes Veneracion-Rallonza, Ph.D., Ma. Elissa Lao, D.P.A., Diana Mendoza, Ph.D., Liberty Chee, Ph.D. and Mica Honasan, M.A.
b.) Ateneo de Manila University's role in Philippine Democratization in 1982-1992 - Benjamin Tolosa, Jr., Ph.D., Arjan Aguirre, M.A., and Gino Antonio Trinidad, M.A.
c.) Politics of Education in the Philippines - Anne Lan Candelaria, Ph.D. and Gabriella Pontejos, M.A. 
d.) Contentious Politics in the Philippines - Diana Mendoza, Ph.D., Benjamin Tolosa, Ph.D., Arjan Aguirre, M.A., Hansley Juliano, M.A., and Miguel Paolo Rivera, M.A.

Businessworld Column: 'Blueboard'

The Department of Political Science also contributes to the deepening of understanding and discourse on contemporary political issues and controversies by publishing articles through a semi-monthly column in the Businessworld. (Please click here to access and read past published articles).