Posted on: 21 October 2020

Updates on the application process will be posted here as soon as they become available. Please stay tuned!

For inquiries, you may send an email to: 





Interested applicants should have the following qualifications to be admitted in the program:
(1) Junior student in the Ateneo
(2) Cumulative QPI of 2.8 (during the application up to the time of deployment)
(3) No F or W grade
(4) Good moral character and has not been found guilty of any major disciplinary case in the Ateneo
(5) Language profiency (for students who intend to be deployed to universities that use languages other than English)


Students interested in the program must accomplish the following:

(1) Attend scheduled SoSS JTA Program Orientation
(2) Submit the following documents on or before the scheduled deadline:
                (2.1) Duly accomplished SoSS Student Mobility Program Application Form (click to download);
                (2.2) Printout of AISIS QPI (at least 2.8)
                (2.3) Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from former Professors
                (2.4) Letter of support from parents
(3) Interview with the Coordinator for Student Mobility Program (herein the Coordinator)


With regard to selection, the Coordinator bases her/his decision on the academic record of student-applicants, the recommendation from their professors, and her/his assessment of them during their interview session. Student-applicants are ranked according to these bases; those who are not able to make it to their first choice of school will be moved either to their second to their third preference (as applicable).  HTF student-applicants will be assigned to their preferred institution.


The Letter of Acceptance that will be given by the Coordinator will state the host school where they are recommended to study and when they will be deployed.  It will also include information regarding the payment of a non-refundable SoSS JTA confirmation fee (Php10,000 to LS-SoSS JTA, DCB 180-078-010 and OIR-SoSS JTA, 020-078-010) and the submission of signed Terms and Conditions and copy of confirmation payment receipt on or before the scheduled deadline.

Adjustment of IPS

JTA students (accepted applicants) will closely work with their respective Department Chairs/Program Directors/Department JTA Coordinators with regard to adjusting their IPS within the context of the schedule of their JTA deployment.  This is a necessary process to ensure that students will not be delayed in their graduation.  In this regard, they will identify subjects to be taken in advance at the Ateneo prior to departure and list subjects to be taken in their host school (JTA students are allowed to take a maximum of 15 units of major/choice electives abroad).  Once the adjusted ISP is done, this should be reflected in the AISIS.