SoSS JTA Timetable


Posted on: 21 October 2020

Please wait for further updates on this page. The timetable for the JTA application process will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

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Beginning SY 2015-2016, SoSS will be deploying its JTA students during the Spring Term (From January to July) only. Below is the basic timetable for Spring Term (SY 2014-2015). Please take note of the changes that will happen in the timetable due to the academic calendar shift in SY 2015-2016 (Summer Semester: June-July 2015 / First Semester: August-December 2015/Second Semester: January-May 2016).

Month Task Person/s Involved
June 2014 ·         Call for application for Spring term of the current school year (through posters/flyers/email announcements) SoSS Student Mobility Program Coordinator
·         Departmental information dissemination Department Chairs/Department JTA Coordinators
·         Preparation of documents to be submitted
Interested Students
Last week of June 2014 ·         JTA Orientation SoSS Student Mobility Program Coordinator
Interested Students
1st week of July 2014 ·         Submission of application requirements
·         Scheduling of interview
2nd week of July 2014 ·         Interview SoSS Student Mobility Program Coordinator
3rd week of July 2014 ·         Release of list of partner schools with available slots and costing OIR
·         Release of Result/Acceptance Letters SoSS Student Mobility Program Coordinator
4th week of July 2014 -         Confirmation of Slot
           - payment of confirmation fee
           - submission of signed Conforme form
           and copy of confirmation of payment                  receipt.
August - September 2014    
·         Official list of JTA students to be given to OIR, SoSS Dean, SoSS Department Chairs, and RO SoSS Student Mobility Program Coordinator
·         Adjustment in IPS JTA Students
Department Chairs/Department JTA Coordinators
·         Reflection of adjusted IPS in AISIS Department Chairs/Department JTA Coordinators
October 2014-mid-January 2015
·         Enlist and attend core/general education subjects
·         Arrange for special classes/tutorials for major subjects
JTA Students
·         Work with OIR on host school admission and student visa requirements
·         Attend pre-departure sessions
JTA Students
Mid-January to June 2015 ·         JTA deployment (attend classes abroad) JTA Students
June 2015 ·         Proxy enrolment for summer semester
·         Option to file for LOA
JTA Students
·         Return to the Philippines
·         Resume classes at the Ateneo
JTA Students
July 2015 ·         Submission of official TOR from host university for course credits JTA Students
Department Chairs/Department JTA Coordinators