Interested applicants should have the following qualifications to be admitted in the program:
1.) Junior or senior student in the Ateneo - Note: Unless a lower year level is allowed by the host university or scholarship granting institution.  
2.) Cumulative QPI of 2.8 (during the application up to the time of deployment) - Note: Unless a higher QPI grade is required by the host university or scholarship granting institution.
3.) No F or W grade
4.) Good moral character and has not been found guilty of any disciplinary case in the Ateneo
5.) Language proficiency (for students who will be deployed to universities that use languages other than English)
6.) Other qualifications that may be mentioned by the host university or scholarship granting institution.


Students interested in the program must accomplish the following (other than those mentioned or required by the student exchange scholarship program):

1.) Attend the basic orientation about the student exchange scholarship program (set-up an appointment with the SoSS Coordinator for Student Mobility Program)
2.) Submit the following documents on or before the scheduled deadline:
           2.1.) Duly accomplished SoSS Student Mobility Program Application Form (click to download)
           2.2.) Printout of AISIS QPI (showing the required QPI grade)
           2.3) Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from former Professors (unless it is waived)
           2.4) Letter of support from parents (unless it is waived)
3.) Interview with the SoSS Coordinator for Student Mobility Program (unless it is waived)


The Coordinator will base his nomination on the academic record of the applicant, the recommendation letters, and his/her assessment of them during the interview session. 


The initial nomination will be made by the SoSS Coordinator for Student Mobility Program or his/her principal. The final letter of acceptance or the information regarding the result of the application to the program will come from the Office of International Relations (OIR).

Adjustment of IPS

All accepted applicants should closely coordinate with their respective Department Chairs/Program Directors with regard to adjusting their IPS within the context of the period of their SEO deployment. This is a necessary process to ensure that students will not be delayed in their graduation. In this regard, they will identify subjects to be taken in advance at the Ateneo prior to their departure and list subjects to be taken in their host school (The number of units or number of courses to be taken by SEO students will depend on the SEO scholarship program offer).